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Young “individuals” to mature teammates on a mission

Posted on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 9:19 am

Seniors Kaity Grills, Becca Almus, Brea Johnson, Felicia Pruitt, Cailee Vitro and Brittni Hagemeier

Seniors Kaity Grills, Becca Almus, Brea Johnson, Felicia Pruitt, Cailee Vitro and Brittni Hagemeier

“They bought into the team says it all,” said Head Coach Trudy Bull.
That is how the Elsberry Lady Indians coach described her ‘super six’ seniors after last Thursday’s Senior Night Celebration.
“They have realized they can’t win by themselves and have all helped the younger players to understand and to play as a team,” said Bull. “They went from young ‘individuals’ to mature teammates on a mission.”
For Coach Bull it wasn’t always as cohesive as it is today.
“First couple of years were very trying times,” said Bull. “It took us a long time to come together as a team, but now it is like having six extra coaches on the field.”
She went on to talk about the hard work the girls have put in and how she wouldn’t trade a minute of her time with them.
“It’s not often as a coach you get this many athletes working hard at a common goal and have that for all four years,” said Bull. “They are a class act and a great group of kids, on and off the field. Love them all!”
Coach Bull was asked about her ‘super six’:

Cailee Vitro – “Cailee goes out everyday and gives 100%. You will very seldom see big numbers or anything that stands out where she is concerned, but she quietly does a great job. Kind of kid everybody likes to have on their team.”

Kaity Grills – “Kaity has grown so much as a person and player. Her skills have improved with every season making her a very good softball player, but the person she has become will make her  very successful in life.”

Felicia Pruitt – “Flea has always been small in stature, but she has always had a big desire to excel. She won’t back down from a challenge and you can count on her to do everything she can to make the team successful.”

Becca Almus – “Becca is a very savvy softball player with a lot of talent. She is much like having a coach on the field. A lot of kids just play the game, but she plays and knows the game. She should be very successful at the college level.”

Brea Johnson – “Brea is without a doubt the hardest worker I have ever seen. She was not blessed with great athleticism, so her desire to improve and hard work have made her one of the best first basemen around the conference. I can truly say I would take a whole team of Brea Johnsons!”

Brittni Hagemeier – “Brittni is a very talented athlete. I have the comfort of knowing I could put her anywhere on the field and she could help us out. She is also a coach on the field and willing to help the younger players.”

“I truly enjoyed working with these girls,” said Bull.

After the Senior Night Celebration the Lady Indians did what they do best…play winning softball.
The Lady Indians put up 10 runs on 12 hits for a 10-2 victory over Wright City.
“We hit the ball pretty well again,” said Bull. “Could have played a little more solid defense, but we did the things we needed to do to win.”
Grills (four hits) and Olivia Brown (three hits) led Elsberry on offense. The two runs scored by Wright City were unearned runs.
Two days before the Lady Indians traveled to Bowling Green and once again the bats were on fire as Elsberry scored seven runs on 11 hits.
Sabrina Pruitt, Tanner Bencomo, Hagemeier and Grills each recorded two of the 11 hits.
“Pretty good game for us,” said Bull. “Solid defense and good pitching with Becca getting the win.

Next up is a home game against Orchard Farm on Oct. 2 at 4:30 p.m.