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“X” marks the spot (Young pirate finds buried treasure in Elsberry)

Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 5:52 am

For four-year old Prince Gabriel Harper of Elsberry, treasure hunting comes natural. As every pirate knows, when there is an “X” marking the spot, buried treasure is found. That’s exactly what happened for Prince Gabriel.

Recently, Kelly Skaggs of Skaggs Tree Service was awarded bids by the City of Elsberry to cut down or trim any dead trees and limbs. He marked the trees that need to be removed with a large orange “X”.

While in the Elsberry Park Prince Gabriel saw the marking on the tree and told his grandmother Curtissa Kerr-Hunter that he needed to stop and dig for buried treasure.

“MawMaw you know I am a pirate and we have to dig under the “X” for a pirate treasure,” said Prince Gabriel who lost an eye due to cancer and associates with a pirate.

“I told him we will have to come back and dig, but when we went back that tree had been removed,” said Kerr-Hunter.

The young pirate spotted another tree on North Fifth Street on his way to visit his great grand-parents house Marsleen and Curtis Kerr.

“He wanted to dig that one up too, but we couldn’t at that time. Later on I saw Kelly and told him about Prince and wanting to dig for buried treasure where he had placed the “X”,” said Kerr-Hunter.

That’s when this story became very special. Moved by the young pirate’s desire to find buried treasure, Skaggs placed a can with gold Susan B. Anthony coins along with a note that read “To whoever finds this treasure, I hope it makes you happy. May God bless you.’

Prince Gabriel was finally allowed to dig for the buried treasure.

“He was so excited, dirt was flying everywhere and when Gabriel got to the treasure he was so excited saying, I hit something, something is there, I told you there was a treasure,” stated Kerr-Hunter.

Later on, Prince Gabriel and Skaggs had the opportunity to finally meet at the spot where the buried treasure was found.
Prince Gabriel is the son of Charlyssa Kerr.