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Working in the family business

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 11:21 am

Elsberry FFA Member Louie Lovelace

Elsberry FFA Member Louie Lovelace

Plants, without them life on this planet would not exist, or at least not the kind of life that we are familiar with.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is what we breathe, and they are the base organism of many food webs, including our own.

My supervised agricultural experience (SAE) involves the planting and harvesting of crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat, as well as the planting and upkeep of trees and shrubs.

I assist with these tasks through my family’s company, Lovelace Custom Services.

I am heavily involved in agriculture on  this front, working primarily in the input and harvest of crops, but also assisting in the mechanical problems that may arise with our machinery.

We do not just farm, nor do we just do landscaping.

Rather, we are immersed in a broader field of employment, applying many aspects of agriculture to the many tasks that we must carry out on a day to day basis.

I chose to work for Lovelace Custom Services primarily because I grew up around agriculture, and some of the best paying jobs in the town of Elsberry are related to agriculture in some form or another.

Working here helps me make connections with people who can assist me in attaining my future goals.

I hope one day to go off to college and have a career that I enjoy, and working in this field helps me to pay for the things that I need to attain such goals.

Although I do not plan to work in agriculture for my entire life, it teaches many skills that can be applied to other career paths such as hard work and dedication, which can come in handy later on down the road of life.

Elsberry FFA Member Louie Lovelace has learned many valuable life lessons while working for the family business, Lovelace Custom Services.

Elsberry FFA Member Louie Lovelace has learned many valuable life lessons while working for the family business, Lovelace Custom Services.

In order to keep the operations of Lovelace Custom Services running smoothly, the business aspect of agriculture comes into effect.

Drafting bills and order forms, figuring the approximate profit margin, and pricing grain are all tasks that fall under this category.

Occasionally, running the business side of the operation can present more of a challenge than the actual work for which the business is needed.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain stability from the business aspect when bills must be sent out, checks must be received and cashed, materials must be ordered and all the while we still have to keep up with the work that must be carried out.

All of these things must be constantly juggled in order to maintain smooth operation, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but every task has to get done, one way or another.

Lovelace Custom Services provides many different services.

These include custom farming, landscaping, planting mitigation sites for numerous entities, irrigation and fence building.

These services are utilized by private entities (such as homeowners, farm owners, etc.), corporations and occasionally even government agencies.

For the most part, the private entities will use our services in the form of custom farming, landscaping, and fence building in order to make their yards look nicer, their farms make income, or to enclose livestock.

The corporations and government agencies tend to want the planting of mitigation sites, as well as irrigation, allowing them to make way for things such as highways, railways, and other goods and services for public use.

In these ways, Lovelace Custom Services provides work for a wide variety of people, doing an even wider range of tasks, all the while assisting in the reclamation of natural life within the United States, and providing food for our people as well.

All in all, Lovelace Custom Services is a great place to work.

I get to take time off when needed for academic team, band, FFA, and various social activities.

When I do work, I am paid promptly and justly.

I also get to experience many things and learn life lessons that others may not get to experience.

I am challenged with many problems at work that I must solve using skills that will later come in handy in my adult life.

I also get to spend time with my family, which I would not get to do if I were to work for another company.

For all of these reasons, and many more, I chose to work at Lovelace Custom Services, which has been a great place to carry out my SAE, and a great place to work in general.