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When enough has become enough

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:54 am


It has been my experience over the years that help does not come without a cost. Whether you’re the person helping or you’re the person receiving help, somewhere in the line a debt must be paid.

It is unfortunate we all live in a society where it is socially acceptable to extend our hands in time of need, sacrifice all we have to better the lives of others, while so many people refuse to help themselves. I believe there are genuine people out there who struggle and need help, but there are also those who simply do nothing and rely on someone else to solve their problems.

Our current system is flawed, it has catered to those who are fully capable of getting a job and are able to do things for themselves, while the men, women and children of this country jump through hoops to get denied benefits they desperately need. We spend money as though we are not in an economic decline; we frantically pay bills that are less important than others, such as cell phones being paid over the electric bill or cable over rent. We have people standing in line at help centers with their hands out while all the while they are driving a Yukon and have Xbox 360’s and 60 inch T.V’s at home.

The problem is no one is held accountable for simply being lazy. No one is told, “Hey get off you butt and try helping yourself.” There are too many problems in our country, in our community that people see and do nothing about. Everyone seems to have a gripe behind close doors but when it comes time to voice them or give proper solutions remain as quiet as church mice.

At some point the world is going to change, as can be seen now, and no one is going to be able to just sit and hide behind the hearts of others. Primarily, because the help won’t be there, we won’t be able to afford it. It is no longer the day’s of neighborly love; it is no longer the day’s of, “Of bring down that wall.” We are still in turmoil. We are still fighting over race, social status and the old American dream of work less – make more. If people do not stand together and pull their weight as a whole, we will see far worse issues than we are seeing now. The trend of school violence, the trend of, “please help because I can’t do it for myself, but hey look at my new toys,” will continue to diminish the little positive things we have left.

No body is perfect. Everyone is going to make mistakes but it is what a person takes from those mistakes that define them as a human being. It is what they do to help those around them that define them as a person of the community. But it is also those who refuse to pay it forward and feed off the help of others that define them as a problem rather than a solution. The time of selfishness and self-perseverance has become too much of a norm and it has to stop. Help others don’t feed off of them. Help yourself and do something. If you can’t afford food, don’t by a 60-inch TV. If you can’t pay your electric, don’t get a cell phone. Put priorities where they should be, because those who look towards you for example and leadership will one day repay the favor.

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