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Volunteers make big changes to Silex Fall Festival

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 11:32 am


Over Silex’s 130 year history much has changed and in the process the bustling railtown has seen many citizens, business, and other events come and go. One thing that does seem constant it the efforts of those community minded volunteers who work to better the little town and promote its possibilities to others.

For many years the Silex Fall Festival has been a way for the little town to come together and celebrate its small town feel and those who make up the community.  Of the events that make up the weekend tractor pulls have made a frequent appearance and this year was no different. The shifting make-up of Silex and the now open lots provided a unique opportunity for those helping to organize such events in the last two years. Several Blocks along Silex Road and Hwy E were considered to make a track.

This year through the efforts of several groups of individuals and donated use of equipment the track was greatly improved and expanded upon. City Administrator Bill Barnes spoke highly of the efforts put in by city staff as well as Jeff Momphard, of America Heating and Cooling and John Sprock. Through their efforts the lots used for the track were cleared of trees and debris before being leveled and finished out for use by pullers at the weekend’s event.

Barnes said that those involved helped provide a lot of the man power to make the entire set up successful and with the assistance of the use of equipment like a tractor from Johnny Thompson they were able to work quickly and really get the job done.