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View from the Capitol by State Rep. Ed Schieffer

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 9:25 am

Ed Schieffer

Ed Schieffer

On Wednesday, February 19, the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce visited Jefferson City.

It was my pleasure to have some time to take the group into the House Chamber and the House Lounge with the Thomas Hart Benton murals.

It is always good to see the business community take an interest in state government.

The House of Representatives on Feb. 13 voted 132-10-2 to send to the Senate a proposed constitutional amendment that would require the Missouri Lottery Commission to create a special lottery ticket, the proceeds of which would be earmarked for state services for military veterans.

If also approved by the Senate, HJR 48 would automatically go on the November statewide ballot for voter ratification.

The Missouri Constitution currently mandates that all proceeds from the state lottery be spent on education.

Opponents of HJR 48 are concerned that creating a special ticket for veterans programs would redirect money that otherwise would go to education.

Supporters are hopeful the ticket would encourage new sales from people who currently don’t play the lottery but would to support veterans’ program.

The House of Representatives on Feb. 13 voted 112-38 in favor of legislation that would allow health care providers to refuse to participate in any medical care, treatment or procedure to which they have a religious, moral or ethical objection.

HB 1430 also would grant health care providers with immunity from criminal prosecution or civil suit if a patient should be harmed by a refusal to provide care that violates their conscience.

Supporters of the bill say it will protect health care workers and institutions from being forced to participate in procedures that violate their beliefs.

Opponents say it would prevent many patients from receiving necessary services, particularly those related to reproductive rights.

HB 1430 now advances to the Senate.

I did support and voted for each of these bills.

They were sent to the Senate for their approval.

As always, I respect your trust and value your advice, comments and questions.

Let me know how I may serve you and your family.

If you have laws you would like to see changed or created, feel free to send me an email about it.

Please call me at (573)751-9459, toll free at (855)285-3781, locally at (636)299-3270 or (636)462-7295.

If you wish to fax my office, our number is (573)522-0441.

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