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View from the Capitol by State Rep. Ed Schieffer

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2013 at 9:50 am

Ed Schieffer

State Rep. Ed Schieffer

As of Friday, Oct. 11, Governor Jay Nixon announced the release of the $1 million appropriation to help fund the reconstruction of the main building at the Pike-Lincoln County Vocational Technical School in Eolia.

It was my privilege to work hand-in-hand with Rep. Chris Kelly of Columbia, the top ranking democrat on the Budget Committee, and Rep. Jim Hansen, District 40. I have always supported, and will continue to work hard to support the Voc-Tech School, which is a valuable asset to our community and state. Clopton School District Superintendent Mark Harvey and the State Legislature with bi-partisan support and the cooperation of Governor Nixon compromised to help high school and adult students have a facility to help train them in skills needed for jobs in Missouri. For example, Bodine International (Toyota Plant) in Troy, has announced a program in robotics that will be held in the new building.

Besides high school students being trained, there are adults who have received education in practical nursing, welding and other trades. Even some adult enhancement classes have been offered such as Indians and Archeology of Missouri, which I have taught. If you want more information about what is available, please contact the Director, Martin Hanley, at 573- 485-2900.

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules on Oct. 9 voted 6-2 to block a proposed rule that would have allowed gas stations to sell fuel containing 15 percent ethanol. Those opposed to the rule said it is inconsistent with a 2006 state law that requires most gasoline sold in Missouri to contain a 10 percent ethanol blend, according to The Associated Press.

JCAR’s action temporarily postpones enforcement of the rule until the General Assembly convenes in January, at which time lawmakers can decide whether to reject it. The Missouri Department of Agriculture, which had proposed the ethanol rule, also could choose to withdraw it before the legislature takes action.

Lawmakers are expected to consider changes to the ethanol law next year to boost the percentage in fuel blends to the 15 percent sought by the agriculture department. The existing law requiring 10 percent blends is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2015.

Once again, I am including telephone numbers and a website you can access to learn more, ask questions or enroll in the Affordable Care Act. Telephone numbers are: individuals may call 1-800-318-2596, 24 hours-seven days a week; businesses seeking information should call 1-800-706-7893, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The website is:

As always, I respect your trust and value your advice, comments and questions. Let me know how I may serve you and your family. Now that the Legislature is adjourned, I am home in the District. I would be available to meet with groups or individuals locally. Please call me at (573)751-9459, toll free at (855)285-3781, locally at (636)299-3270 or (636)462-7295. If you wish to fax my office, our number is (573)522-0441. You may email me at or You may also check the final outcome of legislation at