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True “Super Fan” will be missed

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 6:47 am

Marion Keim

Anyone that has stepped foot in an Elsberry gym for a high school basketball game over the past decade couldn’t have missed the trio of  “Super Fans”.

The three were always together, sitting on the front bleacher seats closest to the door, cheering for their favorite team.

I remember the first time meeting Harry Murphy, Robert Watts and Marion Keim.

It was the start of basketball season 11 years ago. I didn’t have a clue who the three were, but that didn’t matter. Marion’s first question was, “you the guy running the newspaper now?” Of course I was quick with a “yes sir.”

He said “sit down and tell me what you know about this team we’re playing tonight.” I have no idea why, he already knew more than I did about the teams.

From then on, all three would pick my brain about how the Indians or Lady Indians had been playing and trying to get a scouting report on their opponents.

Anytime I would walk into the gym it was usually Robert who spotted me and he would always smile and say to Marion, “look who just walked in.”

Then without a beat Marion would shake his head and say “Robert they will let anyone in here.”

I always wondered what drew me to want to sit with the Elsberry “Super Fans”. It dawned on me that all three reminded me of my own grandpa. So it was only natural.

This past weekend the final member of that trio, Marion Keim, left us and he will be truly missed by his family and friends.

I will miss him stopping by my office trying to stir up trouble. I will miss that shake of the head when I walked in the gym and I will miss  the passion he had for this communities sports teams.