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The next chapter: Elsberry R-II eighth grade students officially freshmen

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Eighth Grade students received their certificates and will be freshmen in August 2013.

Not all students can say that the next year of school will be exciting and new, but the eighth grade students at Elsberry Schools are now officially freshmen at EHS, following their promotion exercises that were held, Wednesday, May 22 in the high school gymnasium.

Students, family and friends were welcomed to the ceremony by Superintendent Tim Reller.

The Middle School Band, under the direction of Tom Speers, performed an instrumental selection for the crowd.

Two students, Taylor Barber and Alyssa Ohmes addressed those in attendance with their renditions of life as an eighth grader.

Representing the American Legion, Post 226, Chris Koch announced that Mandy Horne was named as Outstanding Female Student, while Louie Lovelace was named as Outstanding Male Student.

Before certificates were handed out by the Elsberry School Board of Education Members, Middle School Principal Jason Miller announced the top ten students of the Class of 2017 they were: Louie Lovelace, Valedictorian; Amanda Hogarth, Salutatorian; (and the following eight in alphabetical order are): Logan Anthony, Taylor Barber, Devin Hartley, Megan Henry, Amanda Horne, Justin O’Brien, Alyssa Ohmes and Zach Philo.

Members of the eighth grade class receiving their certificates were:

Jonathan Bradley Almus, Logan Michael Anthony, Hannah Nicole Barber, Taylor Layne Barber, Joy Elizabeth Berardino, Paul Michael Brickey, Philip Andrew Brickey, Charles Andre’ Chatman,Anna Marie Christie, Darrel Tyler Collins, Damian L. Dains, Jacob Tyler Demars, Brianna Michelle Dickens, Victoria Ann Dove, Angela Chrisine Eckert, Morgan Elizabeth Folkerts, Joseph Alan Gibbons, Donavan Samuele Guccione, Lydia Rhianna Hanneken, Payton M. Hardsaw-Johnston, Natalie Dawn Harris , Devin Taylor Hartley, Gabrielle Elizabeth Hays, Megan Jean Henry, Megan Danielle Hensley, Amanda Jean Hogarth, Amanda Marie Horne, Jayce Delane Hudspeth, Mysteaka Midnight Hutchison, Nathaniel Kiefer, Brandon Matthew King, Kevin Alexander Kinsler, Joel C. Kopecky, Jared Jay Leslie, Louie Clarence Lovelace, Lianna Allyn Neal, Tyler Anthony Nelson, Connor Joseph O’Brien, Justin Dale O’Brien, Molly O’Driscoll, Alyssa Marie Ohmes, Caseylee Elizabeta Pappan, Briana Nicole Parham, Zach A. Philo, Tyreck Darrius Porter, William Logan Pratt, Timothy Douglas Richards, Zachary Ryan Rogalski, Nathaniel Lee Schenk, Wyatt L. Schroeder, Celena Renee Nicole Simpson, Alexandria Carol Smith, Jordan Elizabeth Sohovich, Tyler Andrew Turnbull, Samantha Nicole Turner, Matthew Cole Urban, Julia Lynn Vaughn, Hallie Diane Vombey, Sky Tyler Walkenhorst and Jack Gordan Weakly.

Middle School 2012-2013 Awards

5th Grade

Perfect Attendance

Mardi Berryman, Gabino Gonzalez, Katelyn Henry, Cameron Houston, Alyssa Pearson and Ryan McNelly

6th Grade Perfect Attendance

Trevor Anthony, Megan Hagemeier, Josie Horne and Brock Howard

7th Grade Perfect Attendance

Gozalo Domingo, Rio Gonzalez and Jordan Oliver

Positive Awards

Most Improved – James Wolanski

MSHAA Award – Madysen Kinsler


5th Grade

Classroom Awards

Science Awards:

Mardi Berryman, Danielle Georgie and Lyman Heras

Language Arts Awards:

Kody Thornhill and Lyman Heras

Spelling Awards:

Damian Chance and Taylor Bartley

Reading Awards:

Sophia Vaughn and Olivia Dietrich

Most Improved Award:

David Lafayette

Citizenship Award:

Olivia Dietrich

Social Studies Awards:

Lyman Heras, Will Hogarth, Olivia Dietric, and Kody Thornhill

Mrs. Heitman’s Classroom

Reading and Writing Awards:

Raegan Boettcher, Hailey King and Mardi Berryman

Spelling Awards:

Cydney Jordan, Hailey King, Jake Rimmel and Mardi Berryman

Language Awards:

Raegan Boettcher and Mardi Berryman

Social Studies Award:

Mardi Berryman, Raegan Boettcher, Chasity Eaton, Jake Rimel and Hailey King

Citizenship Awards:

Hailey King and Gabino Gonzales

Special Recognition Awards:

Mina Folkert and Cydney Jordan

Mrs. Ogden’s Classroom Awards

Math Awards:

Meghan Moyer, Alyssa Pearson, Jake Rimel, Mardi Berryman, Lyman Heras, Douglas Horne, Shane Lewis and Kody Thornhill

Reading Award:

Meghan Moyer and Michael Skaggs

Writing Awards:

Madison Steen and Horizon Hutchison

Language Arts Awards:

Meghan Moyer and Alyssa Pearson

Spelling Awards:

Meghan Moyer and Alyssa Pearson

Most Improved Awards:

Elijah Webster and Dayna Gibler

Citizenship Awards:

Tyler Donovan and Horizon Hutchison

6th Grade

Classroom Awards

Mrs. Grossner’s Awards

Excellence in Language Award:

Nikki Learned

Excellence in Social Studies:

Emily Smith

Excellence in Science:

Stephen Boedeker

Excellence in Math:

Phoenix Hutchison

Most Improved:

Reilly Bogert

Mrs. Rockwell’s Awards

Excellence in Language Award:

Trevor Anthony

Excellence in Social Studies:

Eva Gladney

Excellence in Science:

Trevor Anthony

Excellence in Math:

Josie Horne

Most Improved:

Cierra Russell

Mrs. Wilson’s Awards

Excellence in Language Award:

Carolyn Wehmeyer

Excellence in Social Studies:

Nathan Miller

Excellence in Science:

Cara Lovelace

Excellence in Math:

Harmon Kreuger

Most Improved:

Maggie Horn

Science Awards


7th Grade

Top Ten Science Awards

1. Faith Zimmerman

2. Rio Gonzalez

3. Jesse Hung

4. Taylor Burke

5. Anna St. Pierre

6/7. Emily Bange

6/7. Dillon Booth

8. Samantha Chatman

9. Sydney Pickard

10. Jordan Oliver


7th Grade Frog Awards

5th Hour – Jenna Windle

6th hour – Rio Gonzalez and Madysen Kinsler

7th Hour – Faith Zimmerman


8th Grade

Top Ten Science Awards

1. Louie Lovelace

2. Amanda Hogarth

3. Alyssa Ohmes

4. Taylor Barner

5. Megan Henry

6. Joel Kopecky

7. Devin Hartley

8/9. Justin O’Brien

8/9. Jon Almus

10. Celena Simpson


8th Grade Frog Awards

2nd Hour – Amanda Hogarth

3rd Hour – Alyssa Ohmes

6th Hour – Jon Almus


Awards List 90% Club

Emily Bange

Taylor burke

Faith Zimmerman

Jiyu Huang

Jesse Math – Kein

Rilo Gonzalez


8th Grade Most Potential Awards:

Mandy Horne

Jordan Sohovich

Paul Brickey

Philip Brickey

Charlie Chatman


7th Grade Most Potential Awards:

Anna St. Pierre

Emily Bange

Maydsen Kinsler

Jameson Wolanski

Michael Kelly

Best Laugh Awards:

Charlie Dove

Faith Ogden


7th Grade


Arts Awards

2nd Hour:

Jenna Windle, Jordan Harrison and Makenzie Dains

5th hour:

Rio Gonzalez, Samantha Chatman and Madysen Kinsler

7th Hour:

Anna St. Pierre, Faith Zimmerman and Emily Bange

8th Grade Communication Arts Awards

3rd Hour:

Amanda Hogarth, Louie Lovelace and Megan Henry

6th Hour:

Devin Hartley, Alyssa Ohmes and Hannah Barber

8th Hour:

Joel Kopecky, Joy Berardino and Halley Vombey