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The Elsberry Democrat Court News

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 at 10:49 am


The following individuals appeared before the Elsberry Municipal Court in May of 2014:
Andrew Booth, 28, Spanish Lake. Fail to register-$78.00
Alfred Bruns, 77, Elsberry. Speeding 41/30-$94.00
Bruce Callender, 61, Pittsfield, IL. Defective Equipment-$292.50
Eva Cambell, 69, Annada. Speeding 45/30- $110.00
James Chiodini, 18, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$224.50. Fail to register-$85.00
Cameron Craney, 22, St. Louis. Soliciting w/o license permit-$100.00
Stuart Deatherage, 42, Granite City. Fail to register-$128.00
Michael Frieden, 44, Granite City. Speeding 50/30-$130.00
Jeffrey Frost, 53, Kirkwood. Defective Equipment-$222.50
Louis Hammer, 56, Mt. Sterline, IL. Defective Equipment-$332.50
Dale Heil, 57, Stradford, WI. Speeding 46/30-$114.00
Joel Hodapp, 65, St. Louis. Speeding 51/40-$81.00
Jeremy Javaux, 37, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$312.50
Martin Kiffer, 62, Foley. Speeding 41/30-$94.00
Brian Kruetz, 33, St. Peters. Fail to register-$88.00
Alan Kwong, 31, Bardstown, KY. Speeding 52/40-$95.00
Seth Lyskoski, 18, Elsberry. Stop Sign Violation-$95.00
Jimmy Little, 20, Truxton. Stop Sign Violation-$95.00. Seatbelt Violation-$10.00
Anthony Mandino, 20, Elsberry. Discharge Fireworks-$100.00
Carlos Martinez, 52, Louisiana. Speeding 59/40-$113.00
Jacob Pilger, 27, Burlington, IA. Speeding 53/35-$109.00
Patricia Poehling, 63, St. Louis. Speeding 51/40-$81.00
Robert Richardson, 38, St. Charles. Speeding 56/40-$85.00
Paul Rogers, 45, Quincy, IL. Speeding 56/40-$101.00
Mark Rubemeyer, 53, New London. Fail to register-$50.00
Savannah Sherrow, 20, Elsberry. Stop Sign Violation-$95.00
Kodey Skirvin, 17, Elsberry. Fail to register-$50.00
Seth Stroemer, 19, Barry, IL. Seatbelt-$10.00
Marshall Suddarth, Sr., 64, Annada. Speeding 43/30-$105.00
Patrick Webster, 35, Pleasant Hill, IL. Fail to register-$50.00
Angie Walstein, 37, Versailles, IL. Speeding 50/40-$77.00
Randal Whyte, 51, Montgomery City. Defective Equipment-$242.50