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‘The Colors of Christmas’ Elementary Music Program

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 10:17 am

If you have never been to an Elementary and Treble Makers Christmas program at Elsberry Schools then you are definitely missing out.

This program is one of the best orchestrated programs you will ever see. There are 283 kids, 14 teachers, 10 different songs, numerous props, lots of helpers, and one coordinator for the event, Jenny Lynn Heras. She has been at Elsberry Schools for 18 years and year after year always does an incredible job. Even though the gym was literally wall to wall with parents, grandparents, siblings and friends all there to see their special person shine, what’s a little closeness for one short hour of time.

Heras starts about eight weeks before the date of her production preparing each one of her classes. She meets with them once a week for students in each grade level to learn their songs and the motions that go with the lyrics. Then two times before the big night everyone involved goes to the gym to practice.

The Treble Maker students are a mixture of fourth, fifth and sixth graders. They come in the mornings before school to learn their lines, music and choreographed moves.

This year’s program titled ‘The Colors of Christmas’ began with everyone singing “When Christmas Comes” followed by Kindergarten students singing “Christmas Makes me Sing”, then first graders shined at their time singing “Red and Green”, next up was the second graders with “There’s Someone in the Chimney”, and the classes part finished with the third graders singing “Decorate the Tree”.

Treble Makers spent their time singing “If I were a Reindeer”, “I feel Like FA LA LA LA”, and “Angels from the Realms of Glory”. The highlight of the evening was during the final song, “Everybody has Little Light to Shine”. The lights were turned off and all the students wore glow bracelets on their wrist and they waved their hands in circles as they sang. Heras saved the best for last as she showed that each child at Elsberry Schools really does have a very special light inside them and each one of them make the world a little brighter.

Members of the Treble Makers are Sara Heitman, Addisyn Marshall, Mya Pflasterer, Danica Horner, Ali Hausgen, Robyn Watts, Mallory Steen, Izzy Richardson, Reese Turner, Abbie Hall, Laura Hudson, Kiersten Hunter, Jedidiah Heras, Kenzie Koch, Noah Hausgen, Kyla Sifuentes, Noah Duvall, Kayleze Risby, Judah Byers, Meredith Balfanz, Ellie Hartley, Briana Jordan, Hayley Herbert, Emma Stephenson, Gia Smith, Mariann Hunter, Mikayla Gripentrog, Zoe Miller, Aubrey Nichols, Will Watts, Lilly Mound, and Morgan Presswood.