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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones, Media Liaison

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 8:32 am

Elsberry Schools is fortunate to offer the students an Advanced Learning Program (ALP) for gifted students in the grades K-8.

This program has been in the system since the mid 90’s and is currently taught by Jocelyn Kreuger.

Approximately 30 students participate in ALP.

Each grade is assigned a certain day to attend the program.

Requirements for the children are 150 minutes per week of instruction and an IQ at or above the 95th percentile.

Students also must be at or above the 90th percentile on standardized academic assessments.

The purpose of the ALP room is to provide an environment to meet the academic and social needs of students that have been identified as gifted according to the standards of the State of Missouri.

Students in the ALP room are developing critical thinking, creative thinking, information processing and communication skills in ways that are unique to the classroom environment.

The program is based on a discovery approach to learning that includes many hands on activities.

Students work on problem solving, communication, logic, knowledge acquisition, and knowledge application during activities.

Each semester the ALP room focuses on a theme for each grade level.

Mrs. Kreuger has this to say about the program: “My goal is to prepare these students to be productive citizens in a world that I cannot even imagine.  The jobs these students will hold are not even in existence today.  I hope to give them the logical, creative, communication, organization, and information processing skills that will allow them to use their gifts in a positive manner. “

Field trips are a vital part of the program, as students have gotten many opportunities in the last several years to travel around the state.

Sites that have been visited include: Quincy, IL to study architecture; Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL; Arabia Steamboat Museum, Money Museum, KU Natural History Museum, and Harry S. Truman Library, all in the Kansas City area; Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Pythian Castle and Meramec Caverns in southern Missouri.

St. Louis area sites visited include the Art Museum and the Missouri History Museum.