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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Fifth and Sixth grade can be very exciting for students, sometimes it seems as they do the same things but maybe in more depth. For the next three weeks my article will dive into the fifth and sixth grade classrooms at Elsberry Schools. This week teachers, Scott Cleveland and Dani Rockwell, highlight what has been going on in their rooms.

Fifth grade is off and running. They started off the year with DARE. Officer Dyer of the Lincoln County sheriff’s department held classes with the students to tell the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Students later created an essay telling about what they learned during DARE classes.

As a culminating activity to a social studies unit, the classes took a field trip to the Cahokia Mounds in Ill. The trip gave the student the opportunity to view some of the artifacts they have studied. At the Interpretive Center, they watched a video about the mound building people, and saw a replica of a Cahokian village. The final activity was the ten story hike to the top of Monk’s Mound. The mound is said to have taken 300 years to build one bucket of dirt at a time. Students in science class just finished up a unit about plant and animal cells. To show what they have learned, students were challenged to create a cell. Many cells were made of clay or paper, but some were made of jello and pudding. One cell was even made out of a pizza.

Rockwell’s Rhinos, as they are known in the middle school hallways, have been working on cells in Science. The class was assigned a project where they had to use regular house hold items and model them as parts of a cell. The class learned what organelle’s job was, and related them to jobs in the real world. These finished projects turned out so “awesome” they will be on display in the sixth grade hallway starting Monday, October 1st. They have also been working on collecting and organizing data. Many students went around the sixth grade classrooms, and surveyed the classes on various topics. These charts are hanging on the wall outside the classroom for all to see the final results.