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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 2:59 pm

After record breaking heat this summer, who could expect anything different now that we have started the new school year? Heat and humidity have warmed the non-air conditioned classrooms quickly on a daily basis, resulting in early outs for the district. Teachers and students alike are wishing for an early fall.

I mentioned last week several changes Elsberry Schools are facing this year, such as administration and building atmosphere. There are other changes in store for everyone. Food service has changed at schools across the nation do to federal regulations. Elsberry schools food manager, Judy Markwardt, is doing her best to follow rules but also keep flavor in meals for students and staff. Other changes this year is the addition of new people to the Elsberry District. The only addition in the elementary and middle school is Samora Jones as the pre-school teacher. High School students saw seven additions this year. Shirley Bruckerhoff teachers Geometry and Algebra; Kelly Cullen takes over as the Biology teacher, because of the retirement of long time teacher Karen Griffon; Sarah Edinger has big shoes to fill this year as she slides into Ezra Tillotson’s spot for English; Brooke Kiel joins the Special Education staff serving the district; Charles Kinsler, Elsberry Alumni, will head up the BRAVES program; Tori Towery takes over Freshmen English and MS Lit classes; and Mike McCrory is an addition to the Elsberry AG program teaching on a part-time basis.

Everyone is looking forward to a GREAT school year at Elsberry!!!