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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 8:14 am

Teacher TalkThe Elsberry High School Science Department is chaired by veteran teacher, Kenna Heitman. Also teaching in the science department is second year teacher, Kelly Cullen. Both teachers have three subjects that they teach to grades 9-12. Mrs. Heitman oversees physical science, chemistry and physics, while Ms. Cullen is in charge of biology I, environmental science and AP biology.

Physical science class is typically taken as a freshmen. Mrs. Heitman has begun the year by working with students to develop study skills and organizational habits. Content so far in class has been about safety practices, lab skills, and what the scientific method really means. In chemistry students have started the year by reviewing the scientific method and will begin laboratory procedures in the near future. Physics students also are beginning with a review of the mathematics necessary for success in Physics and will start a unit on mechanics next week, beginning with motion in one dimension.

Ms. Cullen’s biology students are usually sophomores taking their second year of required science classes. So far, they have been learning about the characteristics of life and what makes a living thing living. Students will be designing experiments using magazine articles next week. The other two classes that she teaches are upper level classes, one being for college credit if the student chooses to do so. In environmental science, students are working on a semester long assignment where they find current news articles and stories that deal with the environment. While doing this students are also learning about the economics behind science. AP Biology is an upper level course where students learn about the chemistry of life and reviewing basic chemistry. Next, students will be discussing cells.