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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 9:03 am

Teacher TalkThe middle school students are adapting to a new Math teacher this year quite well. Veteran teacher, Shirley Bruckerhoff, takes the helm after being in the high school last year.

Math is a core area class that needs lots of attention at the lower grades so that students do well on state exams and understand important concepts by the time they reach the high school level.

In her seventh grade Math classes they are working on addition, subtractions, multiplications and division of fractions and mixed numbers. Eighth grade Math students are finishing up with percent problems and will next move on to geometry concepts.

Another class that is offered is Pre-Algebra. These students are working with ratios, proportions and similar figures. Her fourth class that she teaches is Algebra for eighth graders. They are learning three ways to solve a system of equations.

All middle school students will soon be taking a semester final to check whether they are retaining important concepts that have been taught