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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 8:48 am

Two veteran teachers head the history department at EHS, Elsberry Alumni Joe Hunter and Shannon Wells. Hunter instructs American History, World History, Advanced American History, Law and You and Civil Rights classes and Wells teaches Government, Western and Eastern Civilizations and Personal Finance classes.

In American History students are finishing a thematic unit on United States wars. They have been working hard all year to think like historians. They are currently preparing for a debate over the use of the atomic bomb. Students will be split into groups and they will be asked to use provided documents, charts, and their background knowledge to form an argument that will provide advice regarding a museum exhibit over the use of the bomb. Next quarter we will be taking a look at social movements in the US and preparing to take the first American History end of course exam.

World History students are finishing a unit on the middle Ages and are currently putting the finishing touches on an essay that addresses the reasons why the Crusades were a turning point for western European advancement. They will be using documents, their book and background knowledge to add their voice to the study of history.

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