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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Two more interactive classes available for grades Pre-K through eighth at Elsberry Schools are Art and Library. Stephanie Morris and Cheri Rountree, respectively, are the teachers for these classes. All grades attend these classes once a week on a regular schedule.

Mrs.Morris’ art classes seem to change a little bit each year. This year she is also a part of the advisory period, which is a new addition for grades seventh through twelfth. This gives her a wonderful opportunity to have daily contact with middle school students.

In her classes students sometimes have the opportunity to create art projects that have a seasonal and/or holiday theme. Students also have opportunities to create projects that include the two concepts that Mrs. Morris’ stresses in her classes, Elements of Art and Principles of Design. She is looking forward to a fun filled year with the students.

At the Library Ms. Rountree and her assistant, Dawn Bazzell, greet students. At this time of year students in kindergarten are reading books about fall and Halloween then acting out the scenes.

Children in first through third grades are reading the 10 Show Me Reader Award Nominees. Along with students across the state, they will pick their favorite book. These Children’s Choice Awards are especially important to the authors because they are reaching their target audiences: young readers!! In fourth through sixth grades, students are reading the 12 Mark Twain Award Nominees. Like their younger counterparts, they will be voting for their favorite along with thousands of other Missouri students. Sixth graders have been reading alphabet books and are in the process of making their own. The subjects range from colleges to food to African Americans. They will be sharing their illustrated editions with other classes. Ms. Rountree is very passionate about reading and loves sharing her interests with her students.