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Teacher Talk by Kim Jones

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 1:59 pm

It is hard to believe it is already the end of the first quarter. Here at Elsberry Schools we feel that it is important to keep the parents informed of their child’s status in the classroom. So at the end of the first quarter we hold parent/teacher conferences school wide, late afternoon and early evening, to give parents a chance to talk to all the teachers who see the student on a daily basis. Conferences will be held today and tomorrow, October 23 and 24.

This week I am taking a quick peek into two specialized classrooms in the district. The first is MaryAnn Meives’ awesome computer lab and JennyLynn Heras’ amazing sounding music room.

Elementary computer classes are experiencing all sorts of new things this year. Mrs. Kreuger and Kids Voting Missouri have arranged for a Mock election to be held K-12 here at Elsberry Schools. All classes are spending the month of October preparing for the election by visiting sites, learning key terms, discussing the candidates and learning where to find out more about the candidates. If you would like to visit one of our resources, the Scholastic site at home, search for in your address bar. Voting will take place the first few days of November.

Elementary students are also experimenting with a set of Chrome Books that have been added to our technology repertoire. A Chrome book looks like a laptop it runs Google Chrome as its operating system and uses Google Chrome as its browser. The students caught on quickly as they learned to search using the new technique in Google Chrome. Now we will set up Gmail accounts and get them started with Google Docs.

Mrs. Heras has her students starting to learn songs that will be in this year’s Christmas musical entitled “Dear Santa”. This year’s musical will be nothing short of awe-inspiring, as it is every year. She is one of the few teachers who could pull off such a remarkable production with seven different grades, 21 different classrooms for a total of approximately 350 students. The musical is about rediscovering the true meaning of the Christmas season and having a lot of fun doing so. It is a musical filled with characters we will all recognize in ourselves and in our families, from the Super Mom driven to distraction by all of her motherly responsibilities, to the dad who is gently reminded how much he actually loves his role as Daddy; from the college kids and their wildly exciting ambitions and the grandparents still filled with plenty of spunk; and finally, the youngest who often seem placed in our lives to occasionally remind us of what is most important in life.

I have been to the last several productions and every year Mrs. Heras out does herself from the previous year as she brings the production to life. From the costumes, to the characters, to the props, and finally getting all the students to do their parts for a successful program. Please mark you calendars for an astounding production put on by the students with the help of the staff at Elsberry Schools. Mark your calendars for this year’s big event will take place on Monday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. in the high school gym.