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Teacher Talk at Elsberry R-2 School District, by Kim Jones-Media Liaison

Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 1:01 pm

science Fair 2Mark your calendars and come out to see Elsberry’s next Albert Einstein!!

On the evening of Feb. 24, all sixth grade students will present their Science Fair projects to parents and friends.

Students did a practice class example that included testing the wet strength and absorbency of paper towels and they were amazed at the outcome of each brand.

When the kids do their own experiments they will follow the scientific method and complete all of the required parts, including the hypothesis, independent and dependent variables, materials, and procedure list.

After their experiment is ready for presentation they will put everything on science board and get ready for their big night.

Science FairThe three sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Rockwell, Mrs. Grossner, and Mrs. Wilson have invited everyone to come out and see all the innovative projects the students have made.

Your support of the students at Elsberry is greatly appreciated.