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Teacher Talk at Elsberry R-2 School District, by Kim Jones-Media Liaison

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 8:19 am

Teacher Talk

Of course, reading is a part of any classroom, but fourth grade teachers, Terri Mudd, Sherill Jones, and Krista Garland like to pump the kids up before each book and as they read, so that they can actually feel a part of the experience they are reading about.

Their next Reading Unit is on puzzles and mysteries.

This is by far the stories the fourth graders enjoy the most.

A favorite story is about Harry Houdini.

A guest “magician” will make an appearance in classrooms in the next couple of weeks to perform card tricks.

Then the students will try to come up with their own magic tricks to share with the class.

Then the classes will read about Egyptian Hieroglyphics and how Jean Francois Champollion was able to unlock the secret code of this language.

Students will write their name on a cartouche.

In addition, they create messages in hieroglyphics and see if their classmates can interpret the message.

Both stories will help students focus on biographies, and students will research Harry Houdini and Jean Francois Champollion.

Students will complete a biography project of their choice: a bio-poem, a fabulous foldable, or a biography bottle.

Each and every story proves to be just as exciting as the last!