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Teacher Talk at Elsberry R-2, by Kim Jones-Media Liaison

Posted on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 8:45 am

imagesElsberry Schools employs a speech teacher to assist children to provide small-group or individual therapy services to students with speech and language disorders.

Lynda White holds this position here at Elsberry.

After it is determined that a student may need extra time in this area, the student is then schedule weekly to spend time in Mrs. White’s classroom.

Speech and language students have been focusing on using their skills outside of the therapy room.

The students have spent a lot of time and effort learning skills to increase their communicative effectiveness and are eager to put these skills to use in their daily lives.

Students have used their skills to be morning gathering announcers, to give presentations in classrooms and to write creative stories.

This year has also seen students acting as mentors to new students in speech.

Students with greater mastery have been helping provide correct models and positive feedback.

This has been very successful both for established students and new students.

It gives the established students opportunities to use their mastered skills and to be positive examples to new students.

New students benefit from learning from peers and see the progress that can be made with hard work.

Speech students have been making excellent strides this year and have been enjoying the many activities provided to them for success.