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Teacher Talk

Posted on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 10:42 am

Eighth grade students who toured the GM Plant, Ranken Tech School, and Pike-Lincoln Technical School to learn information about trades

It is never too early to be career or college ready when graduating from high school.  Eighth grade English teacher, Tori Towery is doing a great job helping her students look towards the future.   Right now they are researching a future career they might be interested in. This information will tell them about salary, training, job growth, availability, and daily tasks. Then they will research the best colleges and programs for their desired career.

Students can calculate the cost of attendance, how long it will take them, the degree required, and the requirements to be accepted into that program/college. In the end this will eventually tell them what goals they need to set for themselves for high school. Many eighth graders have realized they need to take Spanish 1 and 2 in high school to be admitted into their dream school. Others have set a goal of maintaining a certain GPA in order to be accepted.

Eighth grade students who are interested in going to college after high school visited Lindenwood University and St. Charles Community College to gain knowledge about the process of admittance.

To go along with this research the students went on a field trip; if a student was interested in a technical school they toured the GM Plant, Ranken Technical School, and Pike-Lincoln Technical center.  If a student wants to take the path of college then those students went to St. Charles Community College and Lindenwood University to receive information.  Also in this unit of instruction was the proper way to handle a job interview.  The students practiced answering questions and talked about dress when interviewing.  On Wednesday a mock interview was held where community members came in and helped the students with their interviewing techniques.  Every student was also prepared to hand a resume to the interviewer.  All these skill and information gained will only help the students in the future.