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Swift but effective; City meeting get’s to the point

Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Page Branch ParkAlthough it was a swift meeting for the Board of Elsberry Aldermen and other city officials, plenty got discussed and voted on as the Sept. 10 meeting got underway.

The first thing to be discussed was a motion made by Alderman Steve Wilch to amend the agenda to include the approval of a contract with Big River Race Management and the ordinance authorizing the City of Elsberry to enter into a contract and Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin to sign the contract. Brent Rockwell seconded the motion. The bill would allow Big River Race Management to host a 5k run.

Ken Woods from MECCO Engineering then updated the board on the Water/Sewer Project. According to him, he doesn’t know a lot about the sewer but did state they received comments from the city, which made 90 percent of the changes working on the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) of Control System. SCADA is a type of industrial control system that monitors and controls industrial processes that exist in the physical world. Woods said he hopes to have the rest of the plans submitted to DNR (Department of Natural resources) by Friday, Sept. 13. He also claimed that they will not have bids ready for the October meeting, but will have bids ready for the November meeting.

“If it gets to be too far away from your November meeting, you may want to hold a special meeting to address the bids,” explained Woods.

As for the sewer project, Woods explained they held a meeting on Thursday, Sept. 5 and felt it went well. He also mentioned that a survey crew came out on Monday, Sept. 9 doing boundary on the City’s lot, located on Second Street. According to him, they got all the information before taking it back to the office, calculating it and are about ready to set pins on it. They are also ready to establish the south line of the VFW Post 9064 property, which will be looking for an easement to go across the highway. However, they will not pin the south line near the VFW because they did not do an actual boundary survey there, but they will put flags up to show where it would be.

Lascena Berryman, who just a few months ago closed her doors at Movie Time then addressed the board in regards to her water bill. According to her, the water was shut off well before the closing due to nonpayment. Her concern was that on the bill there was a $50 charge she didn’t understand and when she asked Rachel Rheed what the charge was for; she was told it was a disconnection fee. Her question was then where on the bill it stated there would be a disconnection charge.

“After we discussed everything else, she showed me on the back of the bill what’s supposed to say disconnection charge,” explained Berryman. “It does not say disconnection charge, it says reconnection charge.”

Berryman continued to say that her water was never turned back on at Movie Time before she closed her doors. Her question was, if it is supposed to be a reconnection charge why is she being required to pay the $50 when she was never reconnected to begin with. Elsberry City Attorney Rob Guinness said that the fee was for disconnection and was simply misprinted on the back of the bill. To solve the issue, Rheed stated she has already contacted the company who printed the bills to have them corrected. Also for the fact it was not worded properly on her bill the board approved to waive the $50 charge, under the conditions she would pay the remaining balance within the next couple weeks. Berryman agreed and the board moved on to further business.

Aprile Taylor stood in front of the board stating that the entrance sign for Page Branch Park has faded. She said she would like to have the sign replaced, but staying in theme of being a nature park. The sign she had in mind was a cedar wood sign with the letters raised off the background.

“We went out for bids and the one we would like to go with is $1050 and will be done by a local person who knows how to do the work,” explained Taylor.

She said she would like the board’s approval to allow her to move forward to pay for the sign with donations and through fundraisers. The board approved. Acting on unfinished business Elsberry City Clerk Jo Ann Cordsiemon stated that a few property owners have signed the paperwork okaying the demolition of their property as part of the Demolition Project.

After a few other small discussions, the board voted and adjourned into closed session. The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8 in the City Hall Meeting room.

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