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Stay safe and stay alert

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 8:00 am

Fire Prevention month in October

October isn’t just a time for scary costumes and sugar highs, it’s also Fire Prevention Month. While many parents and residents may be thinking about how to decorate their home, they should also be asking, Is my home fire safe?”

FirePreventionIn an effort to ensure homes are better prepared and safe, Elsberry Fire Chief Kevin Hailey put together a list of top questions one should ask themselves when making sure.

• Do you have working smoke detectors? Every home should have a working smoke detector on each level of the home, as well as outside the bedrooms at a very minimum.

• Do you need batteries for your smoke detectors? Batteries should be changed twice a year, with each change of the clock.

• Is your address visible from the street? Every home should have a visible address from the street. It should be a contrast color from the exterior of your house and should be near the front door or over the garage door. Do not use letters, only use a large face bold number as they are easily seen and read by responders at night. Reflective numbers are even more helpful.

• Have you had you’re your yearly furnace or fireplace chimney inspection? With the heating season just weeks away, it is a good time to have these inspections and cleaning done. Flue fires and furnace malfunctions are one of the most common causes of fires in the home during the winter. A small amount of prevention goes a long way.

• Do you have a working Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector? Carbon monoxide is a silent deadly killer, and it can be in any home that uses natural gas, propane, oil, or wood heat. Carbon monoxide is given off by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and enter the house readily when flue pipes are obstructed or with faulty heating equipment.

• Do your children know their address, phone number and how to dial 911 in an emergency? It is never too early to teach children this critical information. Don’t forget the importance of teaching them the proper time to dial 911, or you might get a visit from a police officer to help with that lesson.

To further educate households, Hailey also wanted residents to know that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are only good for 10 years.

“Check the manufacture date on the back of them to ensure they are not too old to adequately protect you,” stated Hailey. “Thanks to grants we are able to supply new Smoke Detectors and Batteries to all residents within our fire district. We are unable to supply Carbon Monoxide detectors at this time, however they are available at most hardware/home improvement stores as well as through your natural gas/propane providers.”

Anyone needing assistance with ensuring their smoke detectors are working properly, changing detector batteries or help putting up numbers on their homes, or would like any other safety advise Please call 573-898-3300.

“Leave a message and we will contact you to set up an appointment as soon as possible,” said Hailey.

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