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Spirit Week at Elsberry High School

Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 8:21 am

By Madison Cleveland

This past week was spirit week at Elsberry High School, to go along with basketball homecoming activities. Along with dressing up for points, students could earn points for their class by bringing in specific food items for “Operation Backpack.” On Monday the theme was “History Icon Day.” First place went to Emily Wells as “Betsy Ross,” second place went to Anne Heintzelman as “Amelia Earhart,” third was Addric Deroy as “Abraham Lincoln” and fourth was Cailee Vitro as “Betsy Ross.” Tuesday was “Disney Characters Day” and also the day when students were to bring in mac and cheese. First place went to Braden Spratt as “Ariel from The Little Mermaid,” second went to Emily Wells and Myra Marty who represented “Toy Story,” third went to Felicia Pruitt and Jill Young who represented the movie “Snow White,” and fourth place went to Chris Hency, Bailey Zimmermann and Addric Deroy who represented “Peter Pan.” Wednesday was “Super Hero Day” and the day students were to bring in canned soup. First place went to Eli Gladney as “the Joker,” second went to Felicia Pruitt, Cailee Vitro, Brittni Hagemeier, Jill Young and Haley Logan as “The Incredibles,” third place went to Shiloh Kirchoff, Katie Pritchett, Courtney Taylor, and Bailey Zimmermann as “The Ninja Turtles,” and fourth place went to Mellanee Sherrow as “Captain Underpants.” Thursday was “Camo Day” and the day students were to bring in peanut butter. First place went to Maggie Spratt which was the only individual award for the day. Second place went to the seniors, third was the juniors, and then coming in fourth was the rest of the freshman class. Friday was “Red and White Day” and students were supposed to bring in jars of jelly. First place went to the seniors; second place went to the freshman. Third went to the juniors and fourth went to the sophomores. Each class had the opportunity to decorate a different wall in the high school gym. They had an hour after school on Thursday to hang everything before the judges come in. First place went to the seniors, second was the freshman class, third was the juniors and fourth went to the sophomores. At the end of the week the seniors had a total of 280 points, the juniors had 147.5 points, the freshman class had 110 and the sophomores ended up with 72.5 points. Fun was had by all during the week’s activities.


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