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Snow day’s; who’s behind them? A look at Elsberry snow day’s

Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:23 am

Shown above is what was left behind following a dangerous snow storm that swept through Elsberry on Thursday, Feb. 2. When conditions are like this, the Elsberry R-II School District has to make a decision on whether there will be school or not. More often than not it is an easy one to make but due to back roads, sometimes what may not seem dangerous in town is the exact opposite in other places.

As a string of bad weather has blown through the Lincoln County area, many children have found themselves with a few extra vacation days or snow days. But what or who makes the determination of when these days are taken and what formula is used.

For Elsberry R-II School District the decision is made by the Superintendent, Tim Reller, Ed.D, who said he will drive the roads, both main and back, to see how accessible they are.

“As far as snow days go, it’s always a judgment call,” explained Dr. Reller. “What I typically do is, like on those days where we haven’t made the decision the night before, is head out early in the morning, 4 a.m. or so and see exactly how the roads are.”

Dr. Reller went on to say how the district is aware of a few roads that always seem to be the last to get cleared. What the concern becomes is not only the safety of the students and parents but the drivers as well. According to him, if a car or truck is unable to turn around in some of these areas, which there are a few stops where a turn around is needed, then there is no way a bus would be able to.

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