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Self-taught musician enjoys giving back through song

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 10:41 am

For some people, being musically inclined just comes natural.

It appears that 13-year-old Elsberry resident Jesse Vaughn has a unique talent that the experts say is an advanced music skill.

For the last three years Vaughn has been playing his guitar and singing to country western songs and gospel music, but he is not taking lessons.

His parents say his learning trait totally amazes them, “He starts by listening to a song on a vinyl record, memorizes the words all in about a week and then plays and sings it back flawlessly,” said his mom, Michelle.

Vaughn found an interest in playing the guitar when he came across his sister’s Barbie guitar.

His Uncle Steve showed him a few cords and he has been playing ever since. Although, if you were wondering he has gotten to upgrade to his own guitar for his playing pleasure.

At his age playing and singing in front of people can be a little nerve racking, Vaughn loves the feeling that he has when he is done, “it was all worth it,” he says.

People have enjoyed his music at special functions at Star Hope Baptist Church and New Hope Baptist Church, the residents at the Elsberry Health Care Center and family and friends around the bon fire at the river on summer nights.

His best music though probably comes on the front porch of his home where he plays and sings endlessly.

His mom likes to call it, “an impromptu concert for the neighbors.”

His parents have tried to get him to take lessons, but currently he likes the way he learns to play.

“We are not sure what the future with music holds for Jesse, but we hope whatever it is, it is always enjoyable for him,” his mom said.