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Saving a life is no small feat

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 11:31 am

For the most part when one thinks about saving a life, a doctor or first responder comes to mind. However, there are those occasions when a stranger or in this case a loved one receives the title of a Lifesaver.

On Dec. 26, 2017, Elsberry resident David Davis was at his home with his wife Andrea when David, who had been dealing with medical issues, suffered a cardiac arrest event. Andrea called 911, where Lincoln County Dispatcher Vanna Davis answered the call. Andrea immediately started ‘Hands Only CPR’ until Lincoln County Ambulance Paramedics Ryan Eaton and Kaitlyn Raferty arrived on the scene.

Elsberry Fire Protection District Firefighter Travis Mueller drove the ambulance so both paramedics could work to keep David alive. By the grace of God and the work of many, David recovered and was able to be on-hand Wednesday, Nov. 20 with his wife Andrea as she received the Lifesaver Award at the Lincoln County Ambulance District building.

Pictured is David, LC Dispatcher Vanna Davis, Andrea, Lincoln County Ambulance Board Member Tammie Taubig and Lincoln County Ambulance Paramedics Ryan Eaton and Kaitlyn Raferty.