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Safety of students top priority with ‘Active Shooter’ training

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 4:25 pm

A large law enforcement and first responder presence was at the Elsberry Schools campus as an active shooter intruder drill was held on a professional development day for teachers and staff.

It never hurts to be prepared as possible for situations in this day in time where it seems every time you turn on the news a shooting has happened somewhere across the nation. That’s why the Elsberry School District in conjunction with county wide law enforcement officials and first responders performed a training situation for an active shooter drill on Monday for a professional development day for teachers and staff.

Teachers and staff of the Elsberry Schools listen to school superintendent, Dr. Tim Reller, as he explains the details of the day’s event.

School personnel were stationed in various classrooms throughout the campus waiting for the situation to unfold. As the suspected shooter traveled throughout the building, personnel in the different classrooms were encouraged to put into action the thought pattern used nationwide of “run, hide, fight” to the best of their abilities.

“The active shooter simulation was a great opportunity for our staff to practice the procedures we would use in the case of an actual incident. We appreciate all of the support from the law enforcement agencies that were involved with the day’s activities,” said Superintendent Dr. Tim Reller.

Drills such as these are not only beneficial for the teachers and staff, but for law enforcement and first responders as well. Everyone reacts to the drill minute by minute and decides how to best handle what is happening at the time. Afterwards a debriefing was held for everyone involved to determine the outcome of the drill and share ideas on how to improve upon the reactions of all parties that would be best for all involved.

“We would like to thank the Elsberry R-II School District for holding this very important active shooter training with our area first responder’s to include Winfield, Troy and Elsberry Police Departments, Lincoln County Central Communications, Lincoln County Ambulance District and Elsberry Fire Protection District. By working together we can efficiently and effectively respond to an emergency,” said Lincoln County Sheriff John Cottle.