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Prayer walkers stride through Elsberry

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 9:17 am

DSC_4668On Sept. 19 between 20-40 people from various denominations and churches met at the Elsberry Motel and Lodge, operated by God’s House of Ministry, to engage in a prayer walk throughout the city of Elsberry.

Prayer walkers ranged in age from six to 70 years old.

Pairs of prayer walkers went out on foot or in cars to pray for the people of Elsberry.

They prayed for revival, the unsaved, the churches, families, marriages, health issues, city government, law enforcement officials, businesses, city infrastructure, the water system, and the safety and needs of the residents of Elsberry.

All of the streets in the city were covered and some of them were even prayed for twice.

The perimeter of the city was covered by a prayer jogger.

Organizers said the purpose of the prayer walk was to seek God’s hand upon the people and the city of Elsberry and they send out a great thank-you to all who participated in and helped to organize the event.

Pictured above are the various individuals who participated in the prayer walk.