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Powell has the “need for speed”; wins National ATV Title

Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 6:49 am

People experience the need for speed during their lifetime about the time they get their driver’s license, but for eight year old Jaydon Powell the time is now.

Powell recently captured the National ATV Title at Loretta Lynn’s in Hurricane Mills, TN for his age and ATV Class. The title came with his newest ATV in his fleet custom built by his dad Jason.

It consists of a combination of a 50 cc DRR motor and a Cobra frame. Ironic to the situation was that Powell did not have the opportunity to practice with his newest addition before the finals, but walked away with the top spot.

The tracks he competes on consist of straight-a-ways, table tops and ski jumps, with Powell’s favorite part being the jumps.

Powell has been riding and racing since he was four years old, but wanting to race since he could talk. If you ask family members, Powell didn’t introduce his self by name when he started talking, but by saying, “born to race” as his introduction.

He practices at his home and at local tracks while regularly competing in Moberly which is host to a series on Saturdays that he participates in from March through October.

Powell doesn’t take a break in the winter time as he competes in an indoor series during this time.

Powell’s racing team is considered to be a family affair, with not only his dad getting involved, but his mom Beth, who also plays an important role.

Although watching your only child race can bring on the anxiety, she says, “I love to watch him, he has come such a long way over the years.”

While any sport has it’s injures Powell has been fairly lucky. For the most part Powell has only had bumps and bruises after races, but on one occasion he experienced a broken collar bone.

The team attends races all over Missouri and other states such as, but not limited to, Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas.

Races usually consist of a three day event with the first day spent practicing, followed by racing the second and third days.

When asked why he liked to race, Powell responded, “its fun.”

To keep up with Powell’s racing career you can follow him on Facebook, on the Powell Racing page.