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Poultry Judging: Louie Lovelace

Posted on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 4:08 pm

by Louie Lovelace Elsberry  FFA Member

by Louie Lovelace Elsberry
FFA Member

Agriculture Education and FFA is an important part of high school to many high school students past, present and future.
One aspect of Agriculture Education is the chance to compete in a Career Development Event (CDE or contest team).
A Career Development Event is an educational contest where students can learn more about a specific career area in agriculture.
The purpose of the CDE is to provide incentives for students to further develop skills and abilities that are taught in secondary programs of agriculture.
There are twenty-four CDE areas that a student may compete on in Missouri and one of them is poultry judging.
Poultry judging is an FFA contest designed to involve young agriculturalists in the production, processing, marketing, and consumption of poultry products.
During poultry judging events contestants are required to place and evaluate different classes of poultry products such as ready to cook carcasses, eggs, live birds, further processed goods (i.e. Chicken nuggets, patties etc.), and carcass parts.
Also included in this contest is a written test of 25 poultry related questions and 5 math questions.
Two classes require reasons to be given of why said classes were placed the way they were.
During this contest, contestants are expected to display a well- rounded knowledge of poultry production and it’s many diverse subcategories.

The poultry judging contest is designed to exhibit a career in poultry production ‘at a glance’ to young agriculturalists to help them along their paths of choosing a career.