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People of Lincoln County deserve better

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 8:50 am

Dear Editor,

Thank you for covering the story out here at Lakeview.

I am amazed that Commissioner Colbert can comment on an article one week and then claim to have no knowledge with regard to that same story the very next week.

This is ridiculous.

I called the paper and Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin after being told that folks here had already called Wehmeyer Farms, Inc., THHInc., and Commissioner Colbert and been blown off just as Colbert blew off the paper initially.

The first response of Commissioner Colbert indicating that the residents would have to pay for any upcoming issues sounded as if it came from a Wehmeyer employee.

Did the commissioner come and look at things throughout the project to make sure everything was ok?


Did he come and look when the contractor reported issues with “gray lines”?


Did he come and look when the paper called him and told him they were doing a story?


The letter to the editor from the Presiding County Commissioner was an insult to the intelligence of anyone paying attention and he only took action when he knew there was the potential for bad publicity.

The people of Lincoln County deserve better.

Brian K. Morgan
233 Lakeview Drive
Elsberry, MO  63343