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Old Threshers members prepare for big event

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Board Member, Cheryl Frotenberry, shines up the animals on the old fashion steam engine Merry Go Round.

As they do every year, the Lincoln County Old Threshers Association (LCOTA) members have been busy sprucing up the grounds for the 48th annual event that will be held this weekend at Walnut Grove Farm at the junction of Highway B and Highway NN outside of Elsberry.

Everything is right on track, even the weather forecast, for the four day event that opens Thursday evening at 5 p.m. and starts with an Out of Field tractor pull that evening at 7 p.m.

Improvements this year include widening the front gate, adding plenty of bleachers to the pulling arena and putting down fresh gravel in the walking areas.

Due to the fierce storm in late July that hit the Elsberry area some items needed to be fixed or replaced, including the funnel cake stand, the roof on the Big Barn and the announcer stand used for the parades.

The LCOTA reports that more vendors have been scheduled. Food stands available include the home cooking screened in area, fish stand, funnel cakes, ribeye sandwiches, FFA food stand and this year two new ice cream stands will take the place of long time ice cream vendor who retired after last year. There will be twice as many steam engines on display and the camping area will be full.

After the storm in July the Funnel Cake Stand needed some work as numerous people came together to make a new stand for this years Old Threshers event.

Funnel Cake Stand

One of the most visited attractions every year at the Old Threshers is the funnel cake stand, but due to the storm in late July the building was damage beyond repair.

Funnel cakes have been a constant on the grounds for over 30 years. Currently, the stand is run by Todd and Brenda Mack family and friends.

Mack is the grandson of the original proprietors, Arlon and Catty Graves. Graves began the stand by using a tent to cover the cooking and serving area.

Some short years later the white iconic trailer would be set up for the stand and remained there until the storm.

After the Graves, the business was passed on to John and Phyllis Briggs who ran the stand for all to enjoy until their retirement, then Mack took over.

Since the damage, Mack who owns his own handyman service, has been constructing the new building in pieces in his garage.

Clayton Homes of Troy donated the windows and the doors for the new facility.

This past week friends and family have helped him put it together in preparation for the upcoming event.

He says, β€œIt is a family run business serving old style funnel cakes in a new building.”

Future events for the Old Threshers association include on Oct. 14 a Tractor Drive. For a small fee you can join the tractor convoy around the back roads in the area and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Also plans are underway for the annual swap meet in early summer.

For any information on the LCOTA contact Bryan Gottfried at 314-540-1135.