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Newly elected Alderman look for solutions at council meeting

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 4:15 pm

The City of Elsberry met on Tuesday, May 14 for their monthly meeting and it would seem as though the newly elected Alderman Mike Talbot and Terri Harper were ready for business.

After calling the meeting to order, Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin began going down the list of the nights agenda. With a unanimous approval for the reading and acting upon unapproved minutes of the previous meeting and unpaid bills, including water project invoices, which are funded by a grant, the board took a moment to hear updates from Jay Gourley of Boonslick Regional Planning Commission. Although Gourley was not able to attend, he was able to update Mayor Martin who stated that all the easements for the Lakeview Water Project were recorded and a public meeting would be held on May 21 at 10 a.m. at the court house in Troy.

“After the meeting the project will be sent out for bid,” said Martin. “So hopefully we’ll be able to get this started in the near future.”

Martin continued with updates as Ken Woods with MECCO Engineering couldn’t make it neither. According to the update Woods provided, the Seventh Street Water Extension Project is complete, both water towers are complete, but some cleanup is required and fencing still needs to go up.

Moving on, and with no one requesting to speak before the board, having given notice, Rachel Reed, Elsberry City Collector, stated she was out of the cards they use to print the bills. She also made mention of three bids she received to upgrade their printing system. According to her, the City is switching from a continuous feed printer to a laser printer.

“I recommend Daner Business Solutions because they are who Master Printers recommends and they are the cheapest,” said Reed. “I have two-months left but that’s about how long it will take for all this to go through so I would need approval tonight.”

The Board voted unanimously to go with Daner Business Solutions. After a little discussion on the demolition project the board took a moment to hear from Elsberry Police Chief Robert Bodley, who suggested the city donate their dog Kennel to the Byrnes Mill Police Department, who received a grant for a new dog, seeing as they are located in the drug corridor of Missouri. With no real negatives to mention, the board voted in favor of the idea. They also voted to approve the purchase of new flags for the City of Elsberry. The money will be taken from General Funds.

The board spent some time discussing and introducing of bills for passage and giving their monthly reports for their different services. However, the real discussion came at the end of the night when On the Line Laundry Bait and Tackle Owner Dean Reseck took the podium.

“I first want to apologize but I defy anyone who has had their life, their business, everything in jeopardy of being destroyed and not being upset and angry,” said Reseck, who recently had to endure flooding and sewage backing up into his home and business following some severe weather. “The problem I had was I met with the City, I met with the water and sewer company and all I was met with was, ‘Well, what do you want us to do about it?’ and that’s just unacceptable.”

Reseck repeatedly asked what could the city do to help, why should he have to pay for a system that doesn’t work and how this was not better planned?

According to Marshall Suddarth, Manager for Alliance Water and Resources – Elsberry, it wouldn’t have made a difference if there had been five pumps, there was too much water. After a little debate, and an initial “your times up,” from Mayor Martin, Alderman Terri Harper asked if they could continue the discussion.

“I like having that business here,” said Harper. “It’s a good facility to have and I would like to know what can we do to fix it?”

The only answer that could truly be given was that a special meeting would be held to further discuss the options. With nothing else on the agenda, the Board voted to go into closed session and adjourned for the evening.

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