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New staff – new tricks

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 8:30 am

Clopton/Elsberry IndiansHawks Head Coach Mike Scheibel

Clopton/Elsberry IndiansHawks Head Coach Mike Scheibel

As the Clopton/Elsberry IndianHawks season ready’s itself, they are also being led by some new faces, Head Coach Mike Scheibel, Assistant Coach Cody McCann and Assistant Coach Aaron Johnson.

Scheibel, who is originally from Highland, Ill, played Division One football at Eastern Illinois University. According to him, he was looking for a head coaching position for quite some time, so when the opportunity arose at Clopton he took it.

“I come from a family of players,” said Scheibel. “My brother was a Division Three Linebacker and I’ve just always loved the game.”

His desire to become a coach derived from being surrounded by great coaches throughout his school and adult years.

“One of my coaches from my freshmen year at eastern is now the Tight Ends coach for the Oakland Raiders,” said Scheibel. “I’ve always been around people that are into coaching and it’s just something I’ve always wanted to be involved with.”

Scheibel said he has a different approach when dealing with his players, not only in their leadership but in their style of play as well. One of the first things he did when becoming coach was allow his team to appoint four captains, which he utilizes when other players aren’t doing what they should.

Clopton/Elsberry IndianHawks Defense Coach Cody McCann

Clopton/Elsberry IndianHawks Defense Coach Cody McCann

“I don’t let them handle the severe stuff, that is my job. But if we have a player who is not showing up for practice or not putting his all into the team, I will consult with them and get their opinion on what should be done. However, the ultimate decision is up to me and my staff,” said Scheibel. “I believe doing this will make our team closer and work harder as a group.”

McCann grew up in Bowling Green, so for him the change wasn’t difficult at all. After graduating from Bowling Green High School, where he played football, he went on to play at Central Methodist University.

“I played there for three years,” said McCann. “I wasn’t able to play my senior year due to some concussion issues.”

After Central Methodist, McCann went on to teach at Centralia, which was a huge football community.

“That is something I really liked about them and actually made me want to coach,” said McCann.

After a little bit of time, he and his wife moved back to the area, where he applied for his current position as the Assistant Coach for the Clopton/Elsberry Football Team. For him

Clopton/Elsberry IndianHawks Offensive Coach Aaron Johnson

Clopton/Elsberry IndianHawks Offensive Coach Aaron Johnson

there wasn’t much change between where he grew up and what he’s doing now. In fact he said he feels right at home.

Johnson, who is originally from Iowa, played high school football for only two years. He said his main sport was always track, but he loved sports, especially football. After getting his teaching degree from the University of Northern Iowa and went on to teach at Tri-County High School, where he coached eight man football for the next three years.

Most of his football knowledge comes from his three years at Tri-County High School, where he said they already had a great program in place. This allowed him to learn their system along with his knowledge of the game.

Johnson moved to Elsberry approximately one year ago with his wife, Sierra Johnson, daughter of Jay and Sally Herring, all of Elsberry.

“In the three years I coached at Tri-County, we only lost three regular season games,” explained Johnson. “I’m not an aggressive coach, but I am a lead by example coach.”

According to Johnson, he will be responsible for the wide receivers and defensive backs for the varsity team. He will also be the head coach for the JV IndianHawks, as well as the offensive coach.

Together, these three men think they can have one of the best seasons ever and Scheibel thinks they could go all the way. But only time will tell.

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