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New resale shop opens with community in mind

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 9:12 am

_MG_9772Being a business owner in Elsberry is nothing new for Jose Berroa, who has owned Hillcrest Lodge & Restaurant and several real estate locations throughout the community since 1989. But, now he is making another venture with his Elsberry Resale Shop, located at the corner of Broadway and North Fourth Street, where Movie Time Video used to be.

“Since closing the lodge and restaurant, I have more time on my hands,” said Berroa. “I think this is a useful business in the community, because what I sell are things people can use everyday.”

Berroa said he has items ranging from toasters and refrigerators to dressers and beds.

“Sometimes I may be short on a couple things, but we are constantly getting in new stock, so our inventory always changes. Also, I warranty everything I sell,” said Berroa. “I try to have nice things at very reasonable prices. You could probably purchase an appliance for approximately 50-60 percent less than you would at other places and the furniture is nice stuff.”

The Elsberry Resale Shop’s warranty procedure is relatively simply. The warranty on the furniture is just being able to see, use and get a feel for directly in the shop. However, for the appliances and electronics customers can be given several days to check them out at home.

“If they stop working, we’ll take a look and either swap it or refund it,” said Berroa. “I’m selling these things so inexpensively I have to be careful but I do whatever I can to keep things right and fair. Simply I do whatever it takes to make sure my customers don’t get ripped off and that everything works. Out of several items we’ve sold already, I have had none come back.”

When he goes looking for nice things to sell in the shop, Berroa say’s he comes across all kinds of different Knick-Knack items like lamps, antiques and even jewelry.

“It’s funny, because our Knick-Knacks were an after thought and their selling quite well,” said Berroa. “People come in to buy a lamp and walk out with like five or six items, because they see the nice things and want them.”

Berroa said he try’s to add things to his inventory that he feels the community wants or needs, whether it’s clothes or microwaves. He believes he has the stuff that people not only want but need and can use on a daily basis.

“My hope is that the people of Elsberry enjoy our store and atmosphere, because that’s who we’re here for and who we try to stock for,” said Berroa.

Part of his reason for wanting to open the resale shop was that he feels he has a real eye for picking out nice things. One example he gave was some Egyptian drawings he found and four original paintings by Barbosa.

“Given some of the research I’ve done, these are what I would call found treasures and I’m not out looking for these kinds of things, but I’m always coming across them,” said Berroa. “When I see something that’s pretty, my eyes just go to it.”

Although Berroa said he isn’t really doing consignments right now, primarily because he doesn’t have the room, he will work with people that are seeing help doing so or wanting to sell things outright.

“We will consign it for them if we can, as long as it doesn’t take up to much room and we all can make a little money,” said Berroa. “In other words we do it by exceptions. As long as we can get it at a reasonable price, because we have to sell it at a reasonable price, then we would definitely take a look.”

Berroa’s daughter helps out at the shop when she can, but due to limited availability they are only open Tuesday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, there are days where they will stay open later.

“If a person sees something they want after hours or on our off days, and I’m in the area, they can call me at 636-358-3699 and I’ll meet them at the store,” said Berroa. “I want people to come in and feel invited. If folks just want to come in and have a cup of coffee and chat. Please come. This is a community driven business and that’s what I want us to be.”