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‘New’ is the word for the 2013 Elsberry Lady Indians Soccer team

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Shown above are the four members of the soon to be all-girls soccer team, including the two that made it possible. Left to Right: Angel Henke, Sam Marre, Bailey Zimmermann and Katelyn Boedeker.

New season, new sports, new everything is what the first year Lady Indians Soccer team is up against. Even with new Lady Indians Head Coach Kelly Cullen it’s all about fun and experimenting right now.

“My biggest thing with us being so fresh and new is for our girls to have fun and since it is a first year program at some point it’s going to be, not brutal, but interesting,” said Cullen. “We have a lot of girls who have never played before and then we have some girls who have been playing for quite some time. So we have both experienced and non-experienced players on the field.”

Although she said it’s been fun thus far the weather has put a damper on their ability to practice and with game day right around the corner, there is not much time left to practice.

Cullen, who played soccer for 16-years, said although she is new at coaching, there is nowhere for them to go but forward and that is always a plus.

“We are starting at ground zero,” said Cullen. “New program, new coach, new everything for us right now.”

So far Cullen said she has done a lot of observing, to get a better idea of who would work best defensively and who would work best offensively. In fact, her motto right now is, “experiment, experiment, experiment,” until they figure out who works where and what works best.

“It’ll probably be different every game,” said Cullen. “Just till we see what it takes to get there.”

A few of the students Cullen said she will be leaning on for advice and leadership is Bailey Zimmermann, Sam Marre and the Marty girls, Cara and Myra, all of who played a big role in getting the program started.

“Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances Bailey has not been able to play so she has really been like an assistant coach for me and I know she has been playing forever, so I am really looking to her for help and leadership,” explained Cullen. “Really I just need the girls to work as a team. Initially, I think the challenges we will face is going to be the conditioning. I don’t think some of these girls knew how much running would play a part in the game and I could see them during practice getting tired fairly quick.”

Although they don’t have a full schedule this season, as the school wanted to see how many girls would come out and stick with the program, Cullen said she is more concerned in making sure the girls don’t get discouraged and quit.

“This is a first year program and there are going to be hard times, but like I said in the beginning we can only go forward starting from nothing,” said Cullen.

This year’s Lady Indian Soccer Team is: Callie Fischer, Melissa Grasso, Anne Marie Bufford, Alex Hogarth, Lexie Parker, Sarah Brickey, Bailey Zimmermann, Myra Marty, Cara Marty, Zeena Pappan, Kelsey McNelly, Olivia Brown, Brittany King, Angel Henke, Mellanee Sherrow, Sam Marre, Leanna Helm, Skyla McNelly and Katelyn Boedeker.

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