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Montgomery County and Winfield Track results

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 12:07 pm

The Elsberry High School boys and girls track teams kicked off their season last week with two meets at Montgomery County and Winfield, respectively. The following are the results for the Elsberry participants.

Montgomery County
(Due to weather all participants did not compete in their events)

100 meter dash, Tynesha Henderson, eighth, and Tyra Henderson, 17th; 100 meter hurdles, Madysen Kinsler, ninth; girls pole vault, Faith Zimmermann, sixth; shot put, Brystal Jones, 13th.


Girls – pole vault, Faith Zimmermann, 5th place; discus, Brystal Jones, 9th and Tyra Henderson, 10th; shot put, Brystal Jones, 4th, and Tyra Henderson, 10th; javelin, Madysen Kinsler, 14th; 100m hurdles, Madysen Kinsler, 6th; 100m dash, Tynesha Henderson, 4th and Tyra Henderson, 5th, and Dayna Gibler, 13th; 400m dash, Kara Lovelace, 6th, and Dayna Gibler, 12th; 300m hurdles, Madysen Kinsler, 4th; 200m dash, Tynesha Henderson, 4th, Kara Lovelace, 10th, and Dayna Gibler, 13th;

Boys – discus, Jameson Wolanski, 7th, Julian Rios, 16th, Jacob Wolanski, 17th; shot put, Jameson Wolanski, 12th, Jacob Wolanski, 14th, Julian Rios, 16th; 400m dash, Douglas Horne, 7th, Garrett Hall, 11th, Rio Gonzalez, 13th; 800m run, Douglas Horne, 5th, Raul Barragan, 9th, Santiago Rios, 11th; 200m Dash, Rio Gonzalez, 15th.