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Mayor Martin addresses many issues surrounding Elsberry

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Another Board meeting has come and gone.  It was a very heated meeting as tempers rose and  people voiced their concerns on various issues from the Olive Street Mobile Home Park to complaints about high water rates and usage.  Both issues were voted on by the board months ago and they keep popping up at the board meeting.
A good way to address the board would be to take your concerns to your aldermen in your ward and have them put it on the agenda for them to discuss at the board meeting.  In the long run this would be a better way to get your concerns voiced and discussed.  All meetings of the board shall be open to the public, so you would still know what was being done concerning the issue at hand.
As far as the complaints of the three-minute time limit there is a city ordinance for it.


All public meetings of the City government shall be open to reasonable public participation as determined by this Chapter and Roberts Rules of Order. At each meeting, there shall be time set aside for public comment by anyone whether or not they have previously asked to be placed on the Agenda. However, topics that were not placed on the Agenda in accordance with §24.105 of the Elsberry City Code cannot be acted on by the Board at that meeting. Therefore, persons wishing to address the Board are urged to comply with §24.105. The Chair shall have the authority and discretion to determine the extent and manner of such public participation, subject to the provisions of this Code or the objection by a majority of the Board of Aldermen.
Each public comment speaker shall be allowed no more than three (3) minutes to speak, with a total of eighteen (18) minutes per topic. Pro and con speakers on each topic will alternate if present. Public comment shall last no more than thirty minutes. The Chair will be responsible for enforcing the time limits. If additional speakers wish to address the Board after these time limits are met, the Board may continue the discussion on the topic at a subsequent Board meeting, or by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Aldermen, continue the discussion at the current meeting. No member of the public shall make a comment or question until they are specifically recognized by the Chair. “Each member of the public shall terminate their comments and questions when directed to do so by the Chair”. Some people still ended up speaking for over five minutes.
We have printed off the rates from Missouri Rural Water, Elsberry’s water rates are lower than three cities in the Lincoln and Pike county area and for some reason Bowling Green is lower. Most all cities use the 1,000 gallon rate as their base unit rate and the increment rate. We will have a special meeting in the very near future with a power point presentation which will be projected for everyone to see Elsberry’s water usage rates from the past to the present.  Hopefully this will clear up some of the issues on water.  There is a formula set by rural water for the rates which also includes the payment for the bond issue that was passed.
We have been experiencing brown and cloudy water at some locations in town.  We are trying to find out what is the cause of the condition of our water.  It is a possibility that due to the dry summer and drought conditions it could  be caused from the low water table, we are continuing to monitor this problem and trying to find a solution.  Three of us flushed hydrants Saturday morning which seemed to help for a short period of time and I found out it was back Sunday morning.   Please bare with us till we find the solution.
I have found another issue that has come up within the City which is with the patching of the streets where the water lines were installed.  The contractor has not complied with the proper asphalt repairs per the specifications that were in the contract.  Don’t be surprised to see the Asphalt that has been laid so far to be milled back out and new Asphalt reapplied to the specifications that are in the contract.  Where the Asphalt was laid the surface was not prepared properly with a prime mix of oil or tar spray.  If this isn’t done the patch will not adhere properly and will not hold and we will end up with more pot holes.
The new water tower is complete except for sand blasting, painting and final inspection and connection to our water system.  I hope no one had any major problems with the sand blasting that was scheduled to start on Monday the 24th of September.
The Methodist Church has completed the new park and pavilion.   The park really looks great and is an asset for cleaning and doing something good for the Elsberry.  A big thank you goes out for all the members of the Church.
The concrete has been completed for the brick project at the flag pole at Page Branch Park.  The bricks should be in place shortly.  Grass seed was sewn and has started coming up in the area of the Bird Sanctuary, future plans are for bench’s and bird feeders to be installed.  And also the Frisbee Golf will  be installed in the near future.  The Grant was approved for the playground equipment at the park any volunteers to help install it when it arrives would be appreciated.

Terry Martin

City of Elsberry