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Louisiana City Council impeaches Morris

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 1:52 pm

The Louisiana City Council impeached councilwoman Robbyn Morris at a special meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 26 and will try her at an unspecified date.

The council voted six-two for two articles of impeachment against Morris on two misdemeanor counts of allegedly violating the Sunshine Law, Missouri’s open meetings and record act. The first is for allegedly taping a Sept. 10 closed session without permission of Mayor Tom Wallace or City Counsel Robert Rapp and the second is for allegedly doing so secretly.

Council members Monroe Elliott, Jim Wood, Larry White, Don Oakley, Russell Stephens and Ann Handford voted for both articles of impeachment, forcing the trial. Morris and council member Chuck Hoffman both voted against the articles.

Morris said Sept. 10 she taped the meetings to protect herself in the closed session called to air City Administrator Bob Jenne’s grievances against her for allegedly meddling in city business. She also said the closed session was called illegally because it was about her, an elected official, and not specifically Jenne, who is a city employee allowed executive sessions under the Sunshine Law.

Morris had little to say at the Sept. 27 meeting. She said after it she would have no comment until she contacted her attorney.