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Local farmers help midwest fire victims

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 6:00 am

Andy and Kelly Burkemper donated a tractor trailer load of hay bales to the farmers in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Wildfires destroyed over 800,000 acres. Other farmers along with the MFA sent supplies as well.

Neighbors helping Neighbors is a familiar scenario in society, but how about “Farmers helping Farmers”.

In early March wildfires destroyed over 800,000 acres in the plains of Kansas, and the northern portions of Texas and Oklahoma.  Not only did the fires destroy the land, but fences, homes and in five cases it caused deaths. Much of this land included farmland making it impossible for farmers to handle their day to day operations.

In steps the Elsberry Community that many know is caring and compassionate for others facing trials and tribulations in their life.

With the help of Patrick and Andy Burkemper’s trucks this community was able to send items to Buffalo, Oklahoma where supplies were being gathered for farmers at the Buffalo Feed Lot.

Andy and Kelly Burkemper were able to donate a tractor trailer load of hay bales that they did not use because of the mild winter.

Andy and his Dad, Gene Burkemper, drove down and back, 20 hours delivering the bales.  Patrick sent his drivers to the feed lot with a load of supplies such as fencing wire and T-post, all of which were donated items.

According to MFA Manager, Bryan Hensley, his company donated 200 posts, while donations from area farmers paid for another 600, sending a total of 800 for those in need.  Also area farmers donated cash to pay for gas, since the Burkemper’s were using their rigs for the hauling.

For residents in the three state areas these items are a drop in the bucket compared to everything they lost, but this particular drop came from the generosity of those in the Elsberry Community.