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Katy Trail

Historic Katy Trail — Hiking and Bike Riding in Northeast, Missouri

The Historic Katy Trail has been of interest to tourist for years. With a long list of things to from Bed and Breakfast housing to wineries there seems to be something for everyone on this 200 plus mile ride. Many of the sites found along the way offer specials and services starting in Machens all the way to Clinton.

Katy Trail biking in the fall. The trail stretches over 200 miles making for a great time biking.

One of the biggest features of the Katy Trail, other than the scenic views and untouched country sites is the people they meet along the way. Katy Trail runs through many small towns that seem to believe humble hospitality is the key to life. Many areas along the way offer photography locations for those wishing to capture their moments, while others offer bike and hiking trails for those wanting to get away from the hustle and chaos of life.  The Katy Trail has camping locations as well as restaurants, shopping, lodging, wineries, farm stands and several other exciting amusements.

So for your next outing experience the Katy Trail, whether you take the full ride or only part your guaranteed a time never to be forgotten.

In the spring and summer months the Katy Trail is used by thousands of riders and hikers.