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Learning the art of twirling

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 6:15 am

It is not uncommon for a variety of camps to be held at Elsberry Schools to get younger students interested in activities. In years past camps have been held for basketball, cheerleading and even at one time dance camp.

So EHS featured Twirler Madison Leckbee decided to hold a camp of her own for those younger students who might be interested in twirling. Leckbee held her camp four saturday mornings, with four young ladies attending.

The attendees learned some basics, such as, horizontal twirls, vertical twirls, figure eight, Tic Toc Toss, wrist roll and arm roll. Twirling techniques also come with a little marching and smiling so those were practiced also.

Watch for Leckbee and her four students as they will be performing in the Old Glory Jubilee Parade.

Pictured with Madison Leckbee Twirling instructor is Kyla Sifuentes, Adaline Dreisewerd, Lexie Holland and Zoey Miller.