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LCAD to begin closing bases

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 10:01 am


On Sept. 1 the Lincoln County Ambulance District [LCAD] will begin closing bases on a day-to-day basis.

Ambulance closures mean that one of the five ambulances may be shut down in order to save over $100,000 on the yearly budget.

Studies of the budget have shown that the Board of Directors and chief officers have always ended the year with a balanced budget by using district reserves.

“Since 2009 the district leaders have done a fantastic job of balancing the budget by the end of the year, but to do so they have dipped into reserves and asked the employees to take pay cuts of over $225,000,” said Chief Administrator Ray Antonacci. “Also, in this time period, LCAD employees have stepped up and volunteered their time for special events.”

The Board of Directors and chief staff have been working on the 2015 budget and identified a rotating ambulance closure as a way to save an additional $100,000.

“These cuts in service are necessary because we are anticipating no significant increases in revenue,” said Antonacci.

As an example of the lost revenue, in 2007 revenue was $4,860,549.

In 2014 revenue will be $4,771,806.

That is a loss of $88,743.00.

While revenue has decreased expenses have increased

The Lincoln County Ambulance District will be running Prop S on the November 4 ballot.

LCAD needs Prop S to pass in order to prevent further service reductions and to grow with the increases in population.

LCAD’s primary goal is to save lives but according to Antonacci four ambulance bases covering 640 square miles is not enough.
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