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Koch retires after many years of providing protection for her community

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 6:00 am

For 44 years Margie Koch and the vehicle she was driving has known only one destination, 200 Broadway Street, where she made a long career selling insurance.

Koch started in the insurance business 48 years ago, under Marion Phelps. In 1973 he built the building that has served as an insurance office for 44 years so far. After his retirement she continued working for Larry Cordsiemon in the same building. For the last 28 years Koch has served the community as an American Family Insurance agent.

Like many professionals today, Koch has seen many changes in her career. The biggest comes from technology, mostly during the last five years.

The dynamics of the insurance business began with pen and paper, currently, paperless is the trend. All policies and payments are done electronically.

Another change has been the idea of having independent agents, to being a captive for larger corporations.

Koch expressed, “My career has been a wonderful life experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Owning her own agency has given her flexibility that she has needed in her schedule, especially when Koch was stricken with breast cancer 15 years ago.

She adds, “I couldn’t have been away when I needed to if it were not for the wonderful staff.”

Receptionists Pat Pratt, Lori Kurfman, and currently, Krissy Wilch are the ladies that held down the fort when needed.

Wilch said, “Margie has been a great employer and made each one of us feel like family.”

Retirement won’t be boring for Koch as she has many plans, getting some deep cleaning done, gardening, watching grandkids and maybe taking a couple trips.