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Kieser Plaza and Wehmeyer Farms find resolution

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 8:36 am

It was during the June City Council meeting when Elsberry Alderman, City officials and other involved parties stated no resolution had been made regarding “Subpar” work done by Wehmeyer Farms at Kieser Plaza.

After a special public meeting between Gary Cannon with Wehmeyer Farms, Ken Woods with MECCO Engineering, Alliance Water Resources, the City of Elsberry and members of the Kieser Plaza Board, a resolution was finally made.

“{Wehmeyer Farms} agreed to remill the portion they messed up and to put a better quality asphalt in the original work site; behind the plaza,” said Kieser Plaza Board member Kevin Hailey. “Everything they asphalted before will be redone, which includes re-sealing and striping the area, as well as a two-year warranty.”

Furthermore, Hailey said Wehmeyer also agreed to work it all the way up to the building, which is what the Kieser Plaza Board was wanting to begin with. However, according to Hailey, the Plaza will still have to deal with a showing seam.

“We decided to be a little more lenient about the seam and they agreed they would fix it quickly,” explained Hailey. “It may not be exactly what we wanted, but it is a compromise to try and make everyone happy and get this job done. We’ll see how it works out.”

The problem began during the water line changes earlier this year. As weather fluctuated between warm and cold days. Cannon said it was possible that pattern effected the setting of the asphalt. According to Hailey, all the board has asked for is the same quality parking lot they had prior to Wehmeyer Farms doing their job.

“It wasn’t like that before they did what they did and we don’t see why it should be after they did their work,” said Hailey. “We currently have cracked seals, pot holes, a crumbling section like near the meter in the rear of the building, and there is just no cause or reason why it was left in such a condition.”

Part of this resolve was due to Wehmeyer Farms request for the City of Elsberry to release the five percent retainage amount, since both the original water project and the North Seventh Street water project, were both complete; for the exception of the punch list.

After a lengthy discussion and arguments by Cannon as to why the funds should be released, Alderman Matt Hartley made the motion, with a second by Alderman Brent Rockwell, to release the funds upon satisfactory inspection by Rural Development, Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin, Alliance Water Resources and a representative of the Infrastructure Committee, as well as a waiver of any additional claim on the North Seventh Street water line project.

Elsberry City Attorney Rob Guinness reminded the Board that the City still holds their performance bond.

No date has been set as to when the repair work will begin.

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