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June 2014 Court News

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 9:25 am


The following individuals appeared before the Elsberry Municipal Court in June of 2014:

Mark Anthony, 44, Elsberry. Seat belt violation-$10.00
Byron Barber, 48, Elsberry. Failure to register-$85.00
Sharon Barker, 37, Elsberry. Public Urination- $200.00
Abigail Boyd, 21, St. Charles. Speeding 57/40-$105.00.
Edward Brown, 37, Foley. Seat belt violation-$10.00
Susan Carroll, 66, Louisiana. Speeding 44/30-$106.00
Chad Chapman, 41, Clarion, IA. Speeding 52/35-$105.00
James Chiodini, 41, Elsberry. Seat belt violation-$10.00
Eve Christensen, 56, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Defective Equipment-$227.50
George Conrad, 24, Elsberry. No colored lights on front of vehicle-$85.00
Cathryne Cooper, 60, Elsberry. Failure to signal for a left turn-$70.00. Failure to register-$50.00.
Robert Cowart , 48, New Haven. Disorderly Conduct-$127.50
Tessandra Crenshaw, 20, Elsberry. Speeding 41/25-$114.00.
Ralph Frend, 58, Hannibal. Speeding 55/40-$97.00
Eric Galvin, 37, Florissant. Failure to register-$85.00
Christian Hall, 30, Elsberry. Seat belt violation-$10.00
Amber Higgins, 21, O’Fallon. Failure to register-$50.00
Milton Head, 55, St. Peters. Speeding 42/30-$98.00
Darryl Hudson, 55, Stone Mountain, GA. Stop Sign Violation-$95.00
Leslie Ignotz, 44, Troy. Defective Equipment-$85.00
Lori Javaux, 34, Elsberry. Failure to register-$85.00
Norma Kelly, 56, St. Peters. Speeding 48/30-$122.00
Nathaniel Kiefer, 17, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$222.50
Thomas Kinion Jr., 29, Elsberry. Expired License Plates-$85.00
Mark Kuenz, 57, Elsberry. Speeding 42/30-$98.00
Alan Lagemann, 53, Elsberry. Expired Plates-$85.00
Derek Lanscne, 32, Moscow Mills. Speeding 52/40-$85.00
Michael Lindsay, 29, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$302.50
Christopher Mady, 30, St. Louis. Speeding 53/40-$89.00
David Murphy, 35, St. Louis. Defective Equipment-$172.50
Kevin Murphy, 40, Hannibal. Speeding 52/40-$85.00
Dale Ohmes, 62, Foley. Speeding 54/40-$93.00
Kenneth Ostlund, 61, Lincoln, NE. Speeding 41/30-$94.00
Patricia Owens, 48, Elsberry. Stop Sign Violation-$95.00
Alexandria Parker, 17, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$50.00
Desi Pidgeon, 54, St. Louis. Speeding 59/40-$113.00
Brenda Pillars, 67, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$232.50
Jacob Pringle, 31, Orange Park, FL. Speeding 56/35-$135.00
Madeline Quinn, 50, Lake St. Louis. Speeding 46/30-$114.00
Jenny Rader, 61, Lake St. Louis. Defective Equipment-$207.50
Ryan Reinhardt, 30, Elsberry. Defective Equipment-$85.00
Robert Sapp, 46, Winfield. Speeding 44/30-$106.00
Scott Schon, 44, Wildwood. Speeding 55/40-$97.00
Dan Sickler, 25, Foley. Failure to yield when exiting a parking lot-$95.00
Stephen Smart, 54, St. Peters. Speeding 42/30-$98.00
Amanda Smith, 32, Louisiana. Failure to Register-$50.00
Brandon Smith, 24, Elsberry. Speeding 46/35-$81.00
John Spencer, 62, Wildwood. Defective Equipment-$212.50
Paul Spezia, 54, St. Charles. Defective Equipment-$267.50
Greg Strothkamp, 32, Washington. Defective Equipment-$312.50
Amanda Suddarth, 24, Louisiana. Failure to Register-$78.00, Defective Equipment-$148.00, Failure to Register-$78.00
Ronald Sydney, 47, Barry, IL. Defective Equipment-$207.50
Russell Tiesing, 53, Troy. Defective Equipment-$182.50
Jeffrey Urish, 52, Red Bud, IL. Speeding 52/40-$85.00
Joseph Vombey, 36, Foley. Failure to Register-$50.00
Shawn Wastter, 35, Clarksville. Failure to Register-$85.00
Kimberly Watson, 26, St. Louis. Failure to obtain permit for a peddler’s license-$50.00
Jonathan Whitaker, 29, St. Charles. Defective Equipment-$250.00
Renee Wilga, 65, Troy. Speeding 40/25-$110.00