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How students view education in today’s world

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:48 am

Students in Sarah O'Brien's class listen attentively as O'Brien gives a lecture on proper English and grammar. This is one of the classes where students may still be required to write instead of type their papers.

Education in America has been a huge discussion for quite some time. With major budget cuts, violent trends and the overall quality of how students learn today, many students feel as though technological advancements and increases to student population may actually be dumbing them down.

So how do these troubling times compare when looking at small community schools verses larger schools? Well four Elsberry R-II Students think they may have the answers and in an open interview give their point of views.

“We use internet a lot more now than we used to,” said Elsberry Senior Braden Spratt. “A lot of resources we have now are more internet based. I mean we really don’t use or text books nearly as much as we used to. The teachers tell us to look at the books but we don’t do it in class at all. It’s more online resources and videos.”

Even teaching methods have changed, according to Krista Dye, another Elsberry Senior. From her viewpoint, it seems as though the students receive more independence than what they once had.

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